Montana Health Research Institute

What We Do

MHRI is an independent pharmaceutical studies research facility. Clinical studies are FDA approved evaluation trials that determine the effectiveness of medications. As a research facility, MHRI recruits participants for clinical studies and measures a drug's ability to treat a condition.

Specialized physicians are on-site to oversee our clinical studies. Our clinical research coordinators offer consistent, personalized attention to each clinical study that we undertake at the Institute.

Participants are monitored during clinic visits to see how the study medication is working toward their health concern. Most studies will have the patient complete a diary to track how they feel about the study medication and its effects.

Some studies use a placebo which is a non-active medication as opposed to active study medications. The reason for this is to see how the actual study medication is working. Participants are randomized to either placebo or medication and we don't know which until the end of the study.

Some studies will compare one FDA approved drug against another FDA approved drug to see the comparison between the two drugs.

If enrolled, you will receive no-cost physician visits, study medications, testing and labs. No insurance is required. You will also be paid for each clinic visit that you attend.

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